Friday, 13 April 2012

Google+ Major Redesign - Google introduced a new upgraded and redesigned version of its social media network Google+ (G+)

Video: Google+: There is more to explore.

On 11.04.2012 - Google introduced a new updated and redesigned version of Google Plus (Google+, G+) with new fundamental and essential changes and improvements.  

Google+ ( is Google`s social networking project and Facebook rival Google launched its social media network Google Plus on 26.06.2011.  

Google Plus (Google+, G+) is accessible at: 

You need an Google Account to join / sign in to Google+ (G+):

Get an overview and take a tour of all of the latest changes and improvements that were made to Google+ ( There is a lot new to explore.

New Google+ demo video tours:

Google+: There is more to explore:

Google+: Set Up Your Profile:

Google+: About Circles:

Google+: Reading and Responding:

Google+: Sharing

Google+: Fun with Hangouts:

Learn more about Google+ (

Google+ Interactive Tour:

Users need an Google Account to join / sign in to Google Plus (Google+):

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